Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tipstr?

  • Tipstr is an electronic way to instantly leave a tip for a service professional. All you need is your phone!


How do I leave a tip using Tipstr?

  • Select your service professional on the map or scan their QR code, select the tip amount, and verify using your thumbprint. You can utilize ApplePay or enter your credit card information later.


How do I get a tip using Tipstr?

  • If you’re working solo, login to create your own QR code. You can add your account information later

  • If you’re working with a crew, register at your place of work and login to your shift. You can select the percentage of the day’s tips that are fair for everyone- make sure you talk this through with your team- and you will be credited for your portion of the day’s tips sent through tipstr.


Do I need a credit card or bank account to use tipstr?

  • Yes! You’ll need a credit or debit card to send a tip and a bank account to receive your tips. Don’t worry about having that information at set-up: you can add it at your convenience, and the steps are built in to the app when they are absolutely necessary.


How do I get my tips using tipstr?

  • You can access your tips as soon as they are paid to you, or you can allow them to aggregate and transfer larger amounts as they accumulate. The amount you’ve accumulated shows on your profile page.


How does Tipstr keep my information secure?

  • Tipstr leverages secure services through Stripe and SynapsePay. No credit card or bank information is ever stored on our servers, and your information is encrypted and deleted by our partners.